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Whether you’re seeking privacy and security training for regulatory compliance or empowered education, it can be overwhelming to comb through all the available options to find Best in Class training that is relevant to the needs of your business and the issues of the moment. As experts in the industry, we understand that the workforce is trending remote, and training your teams to traverse the terrain of the digital space safely and skillfully is more important than ever. Times are different now, and our cutting-edge training is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of today.

It’s critical that you have flexibility in how you receive training and, most importantly, that the training truly does improve your security and privacy knowledge in a lasting way. Our goal is to give you the understanding and aptitude to navigate the security and privacy landscape confidently as it evolves, and we’ll supply you with the tools you need to succeed: comprehensive training, crafted by experts, tailored precisely to your business needs.

We’ve taken our personalized approach to security and privacy risk management and applied it to trainings, offering easy-to-implement training packages for your team. Fully customized to your needs and the issues of your industry, our training provides lasting education and a better value for your money than regular e-learning.

What Does Kuma Training Entail?

With Kuma’s Privacy and Security Training you’ll:

  • Learn from privacy and security experts at the top of their industry, through interactive and thoughtfully designed modules. We’ve got the expertise, skillsets, and experience to know what our clients need and how to help them thrive.
  • Meet compliance standards, while additionally learning best practices for getting ahead of potential problems before they start.
  • Study at your own pace in less time: our trainings have fewer modules packed with more information than the average course.
  • Gain clear understanding of the issues your company might face, and the knowledge and confidence to address them proactively and successfully.
  • Track policy distribution and acknowledgments of receipt using optional LMS.

Beyond check-the-box Compliance Training, our training series will help you understand the WHY behind security and privacy measures, as you learn how to implement them through direct and uncomplicated instruction.

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Customized Learning Fit For Your Organization

Kuma’s Privacy and Security Training is fully customizable to fit the exact needs of our clients. Available options include:

  • Personalized Program Plan: Not sure where to start, or exactly what trainings would be most beneficial for you? A Personalized Program Plan is a comprehensive conversation and review of your organization by one of our experts, providing personalized recommendations and guidance to ensure you’re connected with the trainings that will make the strongest impact.

  • Web-Based Training Courses: Level up your understanding and preparedness with clear and concise lessons containing all the important information you need to know. Including quizzes to test your knowledge and certifications for successful completion, choose from options like HIPAA Basics, Social Media Safety, Privacy 101, Social Engineering, and Security Safeguarding.

  • Awareness Materials: We understand that many of the offerings out there today just provide one-and-done training. We want you to improve your security and privacy posture long-term, and this means increasing and maintaining awareness in an ever-evolving landscape. Our awareness materials include attractive and uncomplicated one-pagers, tips and tricks to keep privacy and security top of mind, and weekly discussion prompts for your favorite online collaboration tool (Slack, Teams, etc), co-branded to your organization’s specifications.

  • Dynamic In-Person Training and Exercises: Take your education to the next level with this interactive option, tailor-made to exemplify the risks in your industry. Play out true-to-life scenarios of privacy and security problems like incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery, through lively tabletop simulations – honing your skills, processes, and procedures for addressing a breach.

  • Practical and Accessible Live or Online Seminars: We bring our expertise directly to you, going in-depth on the Privacy and Security topics of your choosing, while keeping it approachable. Our experts are fluent in all things tech – from geek speak to C-Suite – and we delight in fashioning content to resonate with all audiences within a business, highlighting the ways particular issues are applicable to a variety of concerns and goals.

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