Security Engineering

Security and Cloud Engineering

Kuma will provide overall Security and Cloud Engineering support for the development, administration and maintenance of on-prem and/or cloud environments as identified and established by the organization.  The Security Engineer will support ongoing maintenance of the on-prem or virtualized environments, including customer integration efforts and troubleshooting tasks with key vendors and customers.

Activities may include:

  • Install or establish a firewall secured environment, including any data migration efforts for needed deployments
  • Build test and production VPC for use to build the organization’s environment
  • User access tool for client site VPN
  • Establish VPN tunnel between the organization and their clients for data exchange
  • Establish VPN tunnels between organizational vendors
  • Develop process for user provisioning that aligns to relevant regulation or industry standards
  • Develop process for access management that aligns to relevant regulation or industry standards
  • Act as the organization’s SME for integrating customers into the organization’s environments
  • Act as the organization’s SME to navigate any network issues or provide trouble-shooting support to customers and vendors.