Training and Awareness

A Major Determinant of Success for Your Security and Privacy Program

Developing a sound security and privacy program is a crucial step in establishing a culture of privacy and mitigating harmful and costly risks. Without company-wide training and awareness, you run the risk of low levels of stakeholder adoption and insufficient understanding of its importance. Kuma offers different options for a range of training needs.

Training Program Development

Kuma will develop a custom-tailored approach to training and maintaining a security- and privacy-aware workforce targeted to your organizational industry and regulatory requirements. We will provide a training and awareness program focused on delivering program-wide and role-based training as well as table-top exercises and facilitated in-person training sessions for desired topics, as needed.

  • Kuma believes that strong and regular communication about your security and privacy program to the workforce is paramount to the realization of your training program goals. Kuma will facilitate robust communication cycles for evolving privacy training and awareness activities with key stakeholders.
  • Kuma’s communication plan addresses insider threat and legislative and regulatory requirements. Documentation will be provided to support the allocation of budget resources to the development and implementation of a training and awareness program for privacy.
  • Insider threat is one of the largest risks to an organization’s privacy. Workforce training and sound privacy practices offer a significant control to privacy risk. Absence of a robust training program that spans industry and sectors, and addresses data collection and handling and disposal procedures, increases the odds of internally-based incidents which, in turn, increases the liability to the organization upon incident realization.
Online, Web Based Training Offerings

Kuma has access to a wide range of online, web-based training programs through partnerships with leading educational organizations in the marketplace.

  • We work with your organization to develop your training plan in alignment with your mission, stakeholders, and security and privacy objectives.
  • By partnering with leading training providers, we provide flexible and convenient access to training classes for both general awareness training or specific, role-based training.
Train the Trainer and In-Class Training

Kuma understands that sometimes there is a need to conduct training in-person, as well as focus on improving an organization’s training program by “training the trainers”.

  • We offer certified trainers for a range of security and privacy topics, customized to your needs.
  • Our staff are credentialed and certified in privacy program management, privacy regulations, HIPAA, HITRUST, privacy-by-design, system security and more.