Incident Response Management

Incident Response Management

Don’t Wait Until Data Gets into the Wrong Hands to Act

Kuma offers unparalleled expertise to guide an organization through a methodical organizational plan for the prevention of, planning for, and readiness to react to an unauthorized acquisition of data that compromises the security, confidentiality or integrity of personal information collected, processed, stored, transferred or disposed of by the organization.

Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing

An important piece of an organization’s computer and network security, vulnerability management examines security weaknesses that leave an organization vulnerable to attack such malware infections. Penetration testing goes into an organization’s systems by way of a simulated attack to evaluate weaknesses and strengths to its overall security, identifying areas of improvement.

Kuma works with experienced industry partners to perform the scans and tests and will work directly with you to formulate a remediation plan, if needed.

Incident Response Program Development

The Kuma team consists of expert support of incident response from both legal and operational facets of management.

  • Our lineup of experienced professionals include legal experts skilled at delivering incident management strategies for government agencies, as well as leaders experienced with guiding organizations through various incident scenarios, suspected and actual. We can support your development of the organizational Incident Response Policy, Procedures and runbooks, and conduct regular table-top exercises.