Virtual CISO and CPO

Remote CISO and CPO Services

We provide executive-level services in roles such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Chief Privacy Officer (CPO). Kuma will serve as a virtual CISO or CPO, providing support and overarching guidance of information security and privacy program governance and risk management efforts. The CISO and CPO will oversee ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance and compliance with your Information Security and Privacy Program.

Chief Privacy Officer

The Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) will oversee strategic information and privacy-related operations for the protection of the privacy-lifecycle of your data and information. The CPO will oversee the strategic development and implementation of the Privacy Program for the security of your mission, organization, systems, and data. This resource can provide a prompt response for privacy matters on a full array of the privacy profile, participate with daily operational meetings and meet with agencies and departments. Strategically, the CPO promotes a sense of community and continuity in operations, and promotes a positive culture and focused, collective path toward achieving and protecting the vision and mission of organization.

Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will oversee strategic information security operations for the protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability specifically for your infrastructure, systems, and data. The CISO will partner with relevant stakeholders to conduct risk assessments of potential collaborators and coordinate contractual negotiations with legal counsel based on risk identification. The CISO will oversee and audit the administration, implementation, and maintenance of tactical and organizational security operations, in accordance with state and federal regulations and industry specifications and best practices, when applicable. The CISO will review activities through a lens of compliance with internal and external data and information security policies and regulatory frameworks