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Kuma was founded on the premise that privacy, security, and identity solutions can be delivered in a way that provides robust and meaningful results efficiently. This required us to shape the company differently than all we had seen before. We deliberately crafted Kuma with a simultaneous focus on quality and culture. This attention has been honed over the years and refined into our Kuma Operating Model.

The Kuma Operating ModelTM

KOM = Kuma is a privacy, security and identity consulting company that serves government, commercial, and non-profit sectors. It provides retainer- and project-based engagements to clients across verticals in healthcare, finance, identity, government, education, cloud communications, ride shares, and more.  Our team is staffed with experts at the top of their field, who deliver efficient, scalable, and quality results that make an impact for clients and society.  Kuma is a highly reputable consulting company benefiting from both organic growth and market differentiation in the consulting space for being a trusted third-party advisor.

Kuma’s dynamic approach to meaningful quality of service shines a light on what’s possible by hiring staff who are passionate about privacy, security, and identity, and who approach their work with a practitioner’s discipline to getting work done in a reasonable way. We avoid bloated staffing teams; we reject contract rigidity; we minimize padded timelines.

Ray and Jenn knew they wanted a company filled with people who spoke about privacy, security, and identity like them – with a passion backed by subject matter expertise and coupled with a sense of excitement about how exhilarating privacy, security, and identity could be for clients if done well. With that goal, they set about hiring privacy, security, and identity professionals with a yearning for learning, intrinsic desires for success, and a charismatic way of relating with clients. 

Kuma leadership empowers these experts to cut delivery time, eliminate unnecessary services, and foresee project challenges – resulting in a privacy, security, and identity service offering that is more customized, nimble, and effective than its competitors. 

As Kuma has expanded over the last decade, we have established a robust set of service offerings that suit a wide array of client types while challenging the antiquated, traditional approach of consulting companies. We use national standards and industry best practices to inform our services, guidance, and delivery of client-tailored deliverables, while becoming your go-to trusted third-party advisor with a commitment to being your steadfast partner – and usually bringing along a sense of humor with the feeling of passion for this work.



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