Kuma has been accredited by certification bodies to audit credential service providers and identity service providers in conformance with the following standards and trust frameworks: 

United States 

NIST Special Publication 800-63-3, Digital Identity Guidelines via the Kantara Initiative.  With a long history, Kuma’s clients have been awarded Kantara trustmarks more than any other accredited assessor. 


The Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada’s (DIACC) Voilà Verified program, is the first and only certification program to determine digital identity service compliance with the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ (PCTF).  Based on Kuma’s expertise in digital identity, the DIACC selected Kuma as the first Accredited Assessor and Readiness Advisor for this invaluable program for Canada’s digital economy. 

United Kingdom 

The UK Government’s voluntary Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (UK-DIATF) via the Kantara Initiative, Ltd.   


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