As firms and agencies drive toward digital transformation, it is critical that they understand the identity component of the journey. The Digital Identity ecosystem is growing, and it is dynamic – with multiple roles, economics, responsibilities and decisions to be made. 

Our Digital Identity Bootcamp is designed to give executives, leaders, and staff level individuals the critical overview required to have an appreciation for these areas of concern.

Topics include: 

  • identity proofing
  • authentication
  • authenticators
  • credentials
  • multi-factor authentication
  • federated identity
  • claims
  • privacy implications/regulations
  • claims verification
  • roles of the players
  • example workflows
  • flows of money
  • sources of trust
  • the importance of setting your organization’s own direction


Groups that engage with us for a Bootcamp will have a far better understanding of the challenges ahead and have a great start toward charting their journey. 

Reach out to the Kuma team today and we will work with you to tailor a Bootcamp specifically for the needs of your team. 


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