Ray Kimble
Founder & CEO

Ray Kimble 

Kuma Founder and CEO Ray Kimble is an award-winning Executive who has spent the past 20 years shaping policy and working with organizations across the globe to make meaningful societal impacts through technology and culture-building. 

Leading multi-disciplinary teams to achieve numerous awards, and a recipient of the Government Information Technology Council’s (GITEC) Project Management Excellence Award himself, Ray has partnered with Fortune 50 commercial clients and public organizations at all levels to address the most critical challenges where technology and society intersect – using DNA evidence for the first time for law enforcement purposes, building the next generation of warfighter technologies, and currently tackling the many multi-faceted challenges around privacy and security threats. 

Cited for his expertise in numerous articles and interviews, Ray is passionate about leading teams and rethinking how services and organizations can thrive in the 21st century. By implementing organizational frameworks for the past 10 years focused on 100% virtual work environment, no set working hours, and empowered decision making at all levels of the organization, Ray is focused on revolutionizing the privacy and security consulting industry by building a company culture where diversity, innovation, and efficiency drives customized cyber solutions. 

Ray also sits on numerous boards focusing on public education, solving digital identity challenges, and is Chairman of the Kuma Foundation – a global non-profit dedicated to working with underserved communities to provide STEM education, career exploration, internships, and mentoring to kids of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds.  

Jenn Behrens 

Jenn is Partner & EVP of Privacy & Security for Kuma, leading multiple CPO and CISO engagements for organizations. Jenn focuses on supporting initiatives and organizations in their transition from a state of compliance to a commitment to privacy and security excellence, including niche specialties in privacy engineering and maturing healthcare security programs. 

Jenn leads privacy engineering and compliance activities for multiple cybersecurity projects, was the IDESG Plenary Chair (following her role as Privacy Committee Chair), served on the HIMSS Patient Identity Integrity Work Group, and was an IAPP Publications Advisory Board Member (formerly on the inaugural Women Leading Privacy Advisory Board.) She received her BA from the University of Virginia; MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University; and PhD in Public Policy and Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jenn holds CIPP/US, CIPP/G, and CIPM credentials, and was recognized as an IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) in the inaugural class. 

Jenn Behrens
Partner & EVP of Privacy & Security


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