We do what we do because we want to make a positive impact in the world, and part of that plays out in the active desire to empower everyone we work with – both as clients and as colleagues.

We know that engaging different perspectives yields powerful innovation, and because of that we intentionally look past schools, titles, and resumes to uncover what we know will identify strong leaders to staff our team —looking beyond the typical career signposts at the paths taken, the work ethic demonstrated, and the willingness to do things differently. 

Because our way of finding talent is different, the demographics of our company are quite different from what you typically find in tech:

Part of our dedication to embodying DEI principles is recognizing that we must never stop learning, unlearning, listening, and practicing – ever aiming to broaden our perspectives and practices to ally, support, and uplift those who are often marginalized in our society.

In alignment with this intention, we regularly (virtually) bring in speakers and teachers to educate the Kuma crew. Recent topics of focus have been Disability Inclusion and The Why and How of Pronouns, and we’re always open to welcoming new teachings that can support us in growing and honing our DEI practices. If you are ­— or know of someone who might be ­— an awesome speaker who would love to teach us, please reach out to Info@Kuma.Pro.


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