Developing strategies for how to uniquely position your business and services in the digital identity industry for maximum financial and operational impact, including a comprehensive communication strategy. 

The digital identity and authentication corner of the tech industry is comprised of numerous companies with tremendous technological capabilities.  For C-Level leaders, how can you stand out from your competition?  Marketing collateral and a modern website can only do so much.   

With operations servicing the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, Kuma assists global clients to develop strategies to uniquely position their business and services for maximum financial and operational impact. 

We can help you: 

  • build successful deployment models and business cases with our broad experience across multiple sectors and relationships with global stakeholders.
  • develop a comprehensive communication strategy with your stakeholders to ensure timely and ongoing communications and maximize your impact in the marketplace.
  • identify, pursue, and secure relationships with your target relying parties. 


Making the leap from idea to implementable strategy can be challenging without the right support at your side. Here at Kuma we have leaders who have been there and done that.  We will work with you to ensure the value proposition offered is well tuned to the parties you want to approach. 

Together we will lay out prioritized steps that build momentum through incremental success as you put your strategy into action.  Whether you aspire to offer an identity service, or leverage what’s in the market to meet your business objectives, the Kuma team is prepared to leverage our extensive experience and relationships to be sure your strategy is built for success. 

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