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Kuma’s culture fuels the work we do for our clients while also being why people love working for and with us. We prioritize diversity, passion, and unconventional thinking within our workforce just as much as having a strong work ethic, taking risks, and promoting a professional:personal life balance.

Kuma has been 100% virtual since inception, which not only supports a lower bottom line for clients but also fosters agility and a proactive work ethic within staff. Given the remote nature of our work style since the beginning, we have mastered the art of remaining connected across the company through weekly all-hands meetings, monthly team meetings, regular company-wide offsite meetings, virtual happy hours, and enriching sessions supporting wellness and diversity, equity, and inclusion.  This results in gained focus on client delivery (instead of battling commutes and traffic), lower bottom line contract numbers (no office space means lower overhead), and ability to hire a more diverse workforce from a wider talent pool (as we’re not tied to one geographic location or time zone).

Kuma has always thought privacy, security, and identity – when done well – are market differentiators for clients. But, in addition to this, we’ve always thought that privacy, security and identity are fun – and that this fun should include both our clients and their staff.  Kuma swag, unlimited PTO, more GIFs than one could imagine possible, wine tasting events for staff and clients alike, holiday cookies, the highly sought after “I love HIPAA” t-shirts, and participation in the #privacycoolkidsclub are just some of the many reasons why our clients and staff prefer the Kuma culture and seek out the Kuma difference in approach to service partnership.

How The Kuma Operating Model Feeds The Kuma Culture:



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