Dynamic expertise & purposeful solutions

Building a forward-leaning culture of privacy, security, and identity

Kuma works with you to navigate complex business drivers, technology controls, and policy implementations to produce outcomes that matter.

Kuma helps you make risk-informed decisions and build a culture of privacy and security that permeates your organization, while strengthening customer’s perceptions of your brand, building trust with your customers, and improving your security and privacy posture to minimize the risks that keep you up at night. 

Kuma rejects a standardized approach to serving clients by providing adaptable and customized services as solutions to your organizational needs.

Kuma helps organizations across both public and private sectors to meet evolving needs and build solutions always grounded in national standards and industry best practices.

Our team of technical and functional experts will work with you to pivot from reactive compliance to proactive and sustainable privacy, security, and identity excellence.



Disrupt the traditional cybersecurity experience through one-of-a-kind, tailor-made solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.

Approachable Privacy Services

Guiding you to clear understanding and implementation of privacy policies and practices that meet compliance standards and enable better business.

Practical Security Services

Helping you to build and maintain a solid foundation of security that is practical, practicable, and scalable.

Trusted Identity Services

Creating a clear path through an exceptionally technical industry, we translate the jargon, connect you directly with the precise resources you need, and provide expert messaging to help you compete and succeed.

Empowering Privacy and Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Fully customized to your needs and the issues of your industry, our training offerings provide lasting education and tremendous value.

Certification Readiness Services
Certification Readiness

Guiding you beyond “checking a box”, we partner with you to mature your organization’s security, privacy, or identity program and ensure that you succeed in achieving the certification you seek.

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