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Kuma offers a wide range of benefits geared toward health and wellness, personal development, financial well-being, leisure activities, and more. This is your company too, and since you work hard, you should be rewarded for your contributions and participation. View our benefits identified below for more information.

Benefits include

You are leaders in the industry and space. We offer competitive annual salary to all part-time and full-time employees paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Company reimbursed, Fortune 100 healthcare policy option for you and your family.

A 401k plan provides options to contribute to a pre-tax, retirement savings plan.

When you source and sell new business opportunities, we offer a profit sharing plan.

Work environments continue to change in today’s market (ranging from dedicated office buildings to “open space” work buildings to shared office sites such as Regus); we offer complete flexibility in how your work environment is arranged. Work from your home, a coffee shop, or your favorite outdoor space. Of course, we also work with our clients as needed in a professional manner. However, you can largely work where you prefer as long as you can get your job done efficiently and effectively. 

With a flexible work environment comes a need for the best technology. We allow you to choose your own laptop that Kuma will fund (or reimburse) and provide an additional stipend each month for technology use.

We put our full faith in you that you will deliver superior customer service and grow the Kuma business – we also put full faith in you to work the hours you need to get the job done. Our PTO policy – if you need time off, take it!

We all work hard and should be thinking about how to grow the business and help our customers grow every day. However, in today’s “always connected” society it is good to take a day off and disconnect and allow the body and mind to reflect. To support this, we will provide $50 each month and 1 day off from client delivery each month to rejuvenate the body and mind. This $50 reflection credit can be used at a park, spa, barber, winery, etc – wherever it is that maximizes your ability to reflect.

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