Kuma Foundation

With the advancement of technology, the human experience has grown to be one of codependency. We rely on technology for managing our finances, keeping our lives on track with alarms and calendars, the convenience of purchasing goods delivered to our doorstep, staying informed with the world, and staying connected to our loved ones by sharing our lives with them. This places an enormous amount of trust in organizations and individuals to use our information for the purpose we intend. Unfortunately, today we face many breaches of this trust from identity theft to credit card fraud and even cyberbullying. These breaches in combination with unhealthy technology habits, stemmed from lack of knowledge and awareness, have resulted in devastation in our world today.

Kuma LLC, has been driven over the past half-decade to liberating businesses and organizations to secure their data and maintain privacy of consumers through proactive excellence. Now, in identifying the need for social change, we are excited to announce our response and express our gratitude to the rest of the world through the launch of the Kuma Foundation.

The mission of the Kuma Foundation is to demonstrate the positive social impact of security, privacy, and identity in technology by increasing awareness of technology and its uses, fostering healthy technology lifestyles, driving the adoption of privacy and security standards, and supporting global causes. Our foundation is taking a stand for the possibility of a global community where technology is utilized as a channel to connect people from all levels of society by empowering and emancipating them through education, opportunity, and charitable acts to improve quality of life. It is our goal to bring the world together by bridging the “digital divide.”

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