Privacy Engineering

Kuma provides world-class and progressive privacy-engineering and privacy-by-design activities tailored to mitigate and remediate implicated privacy risk to the organization and to individuals. Based on analysis and subsequent engineering-based activities within systems, our recommended solutions address both the policy and the technological stacks within the organization.

Our privacy engineering service may include translation of applicable business requirements into both the policy and technological stacks. This supports the technical implementation of policies and procedures to comply with privacy frameworks, principles, standards and requirements. Additional activities may include:

    • Close advisement of Engineers/Operations Development/Security Architect to oversee implementation of privacy controls in the technology stacks and systems.
    • Oversight of implementation of systems and procedures to meet Regulatory Compliance standards by the actual configurations and usage of the systems; and
    • Participation in corporate and business unit meetings to execute organizational privacy functions in alignment with budget and resource allocation.
    • Analysis of risks associated with the individual data actions, potential privacy risks, and a catalog of risk management strategies and controls.
    • Review of consent mechanisms, audit of user-control mechanisms, and audit of the transfer of user claims and preferences in the systems.

The Privacy Engineer may act as a Privacy Subject Matter Expert (“SME”) to be available to provide direct content and contributions to the functional areas of Privacy Program development and implementation, including being available for questions, meetings, programmatic decisions and privacy aspects of the organization corporate and systems.

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