Kuma is the world’s first and only assessor to offer identity certifications for both the US and Canada

Kuma is the world’s first and only assessor to offer identity certifications for both the US and Canada
Kuma, which has been at the leading edge of NIST assessment and compliance in the U.S. for nearly a decade, is expanding its digital identity certification services into Canada with the DIACC’s Voilà Trustmark.

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Kuma LLC, a global privacy, security, and identity company specializing in custom cybersecurity solutions, is pleased to announce their accreditation by the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada as the first DIACC certified assessor and Readiness Advisor in the DIACC Voilà Verified Trustmark program. Building upon their success as the global market leader in NIST 800 63-3 assessments, Kuma is now the world’s first and only assessor to offer identity certifications for both the US and Canada, with certification for the UK’s Digital Identity and Attributed Trust Framework planned.

For companies doing business in or online in Canada, the Voilà Verified Trustmark shows the company has proven conformance with select components that comprise the trust framework, including privacy, verified person, notice and consent, and authentication, and should be considered a trusted and secure organization by consumers, government agencies, and private sector service providers.

Proactively procuring assessment and certification shows that you take your customers’ and clients’ digital data privacy and security seriously, and are an organization to be trusted. Businesses based in Canada and globally doing business in Canada should have Voilà Verified certification as a key differentiator, to project trust and security and protect market share.

Says Kuma’s Managing Director of Security, Michael Magrath, “We are very proud to be the first Assessor and Readiness Advisor for the DIACC’s Voilà Verified Trustmark Program. Widespread adoption of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework is dependent on organizations doing business in Canada to prove conformance with the PCTF and display their trustmarks to Canadian consumers and businesses. We look forward to assisting organizations in Canada and around the globe to achieve Voilà Verified Trustmarks.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Kuma as the first DIACC Assessor and Readiness Advisor for the Voilà Verified Trustmark Program,” says Joni Brennan, President of the DIACC. “Demands for privacy and security in digital ID are high, and this is a significant step in demonstrating the risk mitigating value of the PCTF. As true experts in their field, we could not be happier to see Kuma leading the way in building online trust for Canadians and businesses.”


For almost a decade, Kuma has provided privacy, security and identity expertise to various local, state, and federal government agencies, non-profits, and businesses, often in highly regulated sectors. Trust is deeply ingrained in our ethos and is illustrated in the work we deliver in all our engagements. Over the years, Kuma has gained and maintained customer confidence and built a reputation for customizing its cybersecurity services to meet the needs of small and large companies alike, while always grounded in national standards. Kuma rejects a “one-size fits all” approach, building long-standing working relationships with clients as they mature their security, privacy, and identity postures. For more information visit https://www.kuma.pro.

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