Kimble at UN

Identity for All – Public-Private Partnerships

Image details:  Ray Kimble, President, Kimble & Associates, speaking at the ID2020 Summit, held at the United Nations Headquarters, May 20, 2016 An estimated population of 1.8 billion people globally are without legal identity, restricting them from access to legal, political and social economic services. This staggering number amounts to one-fifth of the world’s population. The most vulnerable of the undocumented group are children who fall into financial or criminal hardship and worse, often fall prey to child abuse such…

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blockchain generic

Getting Privacy Right in Blockchain

  Authored by Jenn Behrens, Partner, EVP Privacy There is growing intrigue around the applicability of blockchain solutions across markets and segments. Blockchain solutions are designed to inherently emphasize trust while increasing efficiency in the cryptographic hashing of information throughout a distributed Merkel tree model. One of the goals of blockchain solutions is to enable users to develop an immutable identity transaction history including confidential verified identity information that could be used for identity transactions. Resultantly, the blockchain would act…

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Welcome Digital Authentication Guideline!

Posted by Scott Shorter, Vice President, Security We are excited to review the updated public draft of NIST 800-63, now titled the Digital Authentication Guideline (DAG).  This document was previously called the Electronic Authentication Guideline; Revision 2 of that document (NIST 800-63-2) is the current guideline from the NIST to the Federal Government. The intent of the document is to define requirements for establishing trust in online transactions between the government and other entities.  The prior revisions to the document have…

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Mobile World Congress

Evolution of digital services reflected at Mobile World Congress

Ray Kimble, Founder & President Mobile World Congress (MWC) is rapidly attaining a reputation as the world’s leading technology trade show. No longer fixed to its mobile roots, it now encompasses emerging technology in the broadest sense, showcasing the latest solutions that businesses can adopt to improve their services. Its importance is reflected in the growing number of industry leaders and the increasing variety of vertical-specific companies attending the event. According to the GSMA, this year’s MWC attracted over 100,000…

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Data Privacy Day

Happy Data Privacy Day!  We decided to dedicate one of our early blogs to Data Privacy Day ( to highlight how important Privacy is within our company and for the services we provide.  Here are some notables that underscore how valuable Privacy is to us: We encourage organizations to focus on how to enable user control of data and new ways to interact with customers that put privacy at the forefront of the user experience. It’s time to stop thinking of…

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We Have a New Website!

Kimble and Associates are delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly designed website! Our goals were to provide visitors with easier access to information, easier ways to collaborate and enable us to showcase our upcoming announcements for our internship program and our community investment program. Take a look around and let us know what you think by contacting us here.  

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