Kuma Announces HIE Security Suite & Partnership with SHIEC for Exclusive Member Offer

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HIE Security Suite

Kuma’s mission is to have a beneficial impact on society by making the world a safer and more secure place for everyone through the application of sound privacy, security, and identity offerings. Our credentialed subject matter experts provide expertise in the local, state, national and commercial segments across standards, policy-making and program implementations.

After years of offering HIE engagements including CISO and Privacy Officer services in the Healthcare industry, and after two years as members of SHIEC, we are extending our offering with a comprehensive service and consulting footprint that serves all stakeholders in the HIE ecosystem, from healthcare agencies, to providers and payers, as well as the technology providers who offer solutions into the marketplace.

Introducing the “HIE SECURITY SUITE”  Kuma’s one-stop shop for any HIE stakeholder involved in sensitive data exchange or business processes.  The Suite is a combination of mix-and-match services and capabilities that can be defined and implemented based on your specific needs.

The footprint includes:

  • Virtual CISO and Chief Privacy Officer services
  • Operations Management
  • Cloud Security Engineering
  • HITRUST Certification – Readiness and Audit
  • Vulnerability Management Programs
  • Disaster Recovery & Incident Response Management Programs
  • Legal Counsel services
  • Training and Awareness Programs
  • Marketing & Public Relations


Kuma’s Exclusive Partnership with SHIEC Means Member Savings

In an exclusive partnership with SHIEC, we are offering 2019 Members 20% off HIE services. As a member, you can right-size your HIE security footprint by selecting one or more Kuma service based on your exact needs, and Kuma will reduce the investment by 20%.

shiec partnership

SHIEC Healthcare Client Spotlights

These clients are proving themselves to be thought leaders and innovators in the protection and exchange of sensitive information.  We are proud to have the opportunity to work with these organizations who are blazing the trail for the industry.


SDHC  –  The SDHC organization is one of the most robust community HIEs in the nation. Something that really sets them apart is their broad footprint including serving emergency medicine organizations to helping to establish new standards for the disposition of POLST forms.  Working with 211 San Diego, local schools, payers, providers, and more, SDHC is at the forefront of sensitive data in the context of providing holistic care for San Diego residents – helping to foster the development of a vibrant and healthy community.

lanes non-profit

LANES — is an independent, nonprofit organization which has developed a community-based health information exchange for providers and patients in Los Angeles County.  With approximately 40 community clinics participating, LANES is leading the effort to determine secure and privacy-enhancing ways to exchange data with a wide variety of stakeholder entities including providers, payers, social services, housing, and special services including clinics that serve in the areas of mental health, HIV and more.

Please visit us at SHIEC 2019

shiec 2019

Questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you about our SHIEC partnership.

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