Kuma Foundation Releases Miss Virginia Social Media Guide

security standards miss virginia social media guide

The Kuma Foundation recently developed a Social Media Guide for the Miss Virginia Scholarship Organization. The Guide pairs advice on the use of social media with cyber hygiene tips, including how to utilize privacy settings, setting strong passwords, and knowing how content posted online can be used by cyber criminals. The Kuma Foundation believes that the positive impact of technology can be reinforced when healthy technology habits are adopted by all and when privacy and security standards are implemented.

The mission of the Kuma Foundation is to demonstrate the positive social impact of security and privacy in technology by increasing awareness of technology and its uses, fostering healthy technology habits, driving the adoption of privacy and security standards, and supporting causes that are important in our communities. In March, Ivy Orecchio, a senior analyst at Kuma, developed and published the Miss Virginia Social Media Guide on behalf of the Kuma Foundation. The Miss Virginia Scholarship Organization is a 100% volunteer organization that awarded over $75,000 in scholarships in June 2019. The Guide includes advice on the use of social media as a useful tool in developing a personal brand and promoting charitable causes. 

Please contact us for more information about the guide, security standards, and additional information about social media privacy best practices.

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