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To Infinity and Beyond

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WEBINAR: October 30 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT


Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is simultaneously a thrilling technological advance and a terrifying invasive tool that can be used to profile or monitor people.  Once only imaginable, FRT is now reality whether we are ready for it or not.  Both private companies and government organizations are using FRT with customers, employees and citizens.  While it is hailed as the future of biometric identity proofing to verify identity utilizing increasingly robust technical capabilities, there can be some significant privacy risks if the tool is misused. FRT uses biometric technology to map facial features to a photograph or video, and then utilizes a network of databases to determine identity. Use cases range from authorizing building access to granting passage on flights to criminal identification.

As FRT is becoming more wide-spread and used more frequently, privacy professionals are raising the alarm at this rapidly evolving space given the risks to individual rights and freedoms. Policies and legislation are being drafted rapidly in response to the growing alarm of this futuristic technology.

Kuma’s Jenn Behrens (EVP, Privacy & Security) will lead a panel of industry and government experts through discussion of the technology of FRT, current uses of the tool, and the privacy risks associated with FRT.  Discussion will include examples of how government agencies are striving to mitigate negative impacts, and whether they go far enough.  Panel members will discuss concerns about both intended and unanticipated consequences of FRT, including government surveillance and racial/ethnic profiling.

Register here to attend the webinar “To Infinity and Beyond – Facial Recognition Technology and Impact on Privacy”, and hear Mike Shapiro (Chief Privacy Officer, County of Santa Clara), Kevin O’Leary (Sr. Product Manager, Secure ID Issuance and Biometrics Solutions, IDEMIA), and Joe Jerome (Independent Privacy Consultant) share industry insights and best guesses for where the future of FRT will take us.

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