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Cyberbullying Awareness Month Update – Kuma Foundation

Throughout the month of October, the Kuma Foundation has observed Cyberbullying Awareness Month by shining a light on the impact of cyberbullying. We invited several advocates to speak with us throughout the month – a young woman who was targeted by cyber bullies, a concerned parent who shared her family’s experience, and Nancy Willard, an expert on the subject and author of the first book on cyberbullying.

Please visit our website to see all three interviews.

We hope that you have been just as inspired by their stores as we have at the Kuma Foundation. Following the advice of Nancy Willard, the Kuma Foundation challenges you to participate in your cyber communities this month by posting 5 positive comments every day via social media to spread kindness. Here are some of tips below:

1. If you see someone being cyberbullied online, encourage that behavior to be stopped. Say something kind and meaningful instead.
2. Be mindful of the content you post online. Create the image of a kind and caring individual.

The mission of the Kuma Foundation is to demonstrate the positive social impact of security, privacy and identity in technology by increasing awareness of technology and its uses, fostering healthy technology lifestyles, driving the adoption of privacy and security standards, and supporting global causes.
The vision of the Kuma Foundation is a global community where technology is utilized as a channel to connect people from all levels of society by empowering and emancipating them through education, opportunity and charitable acts to improve the quality of life. It is our goal to bring the world together by bridging the “digital divide.”

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