Meet Jennifer Behrens, Partner & Executive Vice President, Privacy! (AKA. “Alphabet”)


Kuma is proud to recognize Jenn on her two-year anniversary with the company!  Jenn holds three degrees: A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Virginia, Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a PhD in Public Policy and Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She began her career in Social Work where her duties extended from a social worker to program manager.  Jenn’s career in information technology privacy and security consultancy began at International Consulting Services, LLC as a senior consultant providing support to several cross sector digital identity initiatives.  Since entering the space, Jenn has made a name for herself and is recognized as an expert in all things privacy-related! Her certifications include Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP), Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE), and Certified Information Privacy Professional/Government (CIPP/G).

Kuma is delighted to have Jenn as a key leader of the team.  We have enjoyed getting to know Jenn more throughout the last couple of years…here are a few stories about what makes Jenn such a special part of the Kuma family, as shared by a few of Jenn’s colleagues:

Ryan Douglas

“The knowledge and experience I have gained from working alongside Jenn has been monumental in my development as a privacy subject matter expert.  She brings a very dynamic approach to tackling the many challenges involved with navigating the privacy space.  I look forward to supporting future privacy initiatives ahead, continuing to learn from Jenn’s deep knowledge and expertise in the privacy realm.”

Scott Shorter

Jenn is a frequent inspiration with her energy and drive on the subject of privacy.  Her excitement at the opportunity to review a new privacy policy is a great example of enthusiasm in one’s chosen field.  Her cross-disciplinary background allows her unique perspectives on the topic of ways that an organization can reconcile accomplishing their business mission with the necessity to protect the privacy of individuals.  Her experience includes significant contributions to the field of privacy and identity through her execution of multiple privacy risk assessments.

Jeff Shultz

While attending a team strategy session, Jenn simultaneously responded to two separate client emergencies while continuing to add value to our discussion. And no one was surprised! Whether it is creating new work products or pushing hard to meet a tight deadline, Jenn is willing to put in the extra effort to get it done. As is true with her personal education, Jenn’s dedication to client success continues to astonish and drive me. We are lucky to have her as a member of the team.

Ray Kimble

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenn through a number of different engagements over the years and there are two qualities that consistently stand out: drive and passion. Jenn is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to privacy (and many other topics!) and it shows in every interaction. Jenn will joke that she loves reading privacy policies during her spare time and I absolutely believe her! What truly makes Jenn special though is not only her deep expertise in privacy, but the kind of person she is. She cares deeply for the people in her life – both personally and professionally – and I know the entire Kuma family is better as a result of knowing her.

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