Tips On Privacy To Improve Your Privacy Posture

Kuma specializes in providing privacy services to organizations of all sizes across all industries. We understand that privacy choices can also be personal. Ivy Orecchio, a senior analyst for Kuma, specializes in providing privacy services and developing customized training programs for government and commercial clients. This week, she provides us with her top 4 every day privacy tips.
  1. Lockdown your login. Use a different password for each account, and get creative with your passwords. Consider using a passphrase you will remember that uses different types of characters, like #Ju$+G0tP@1d.
  2. Know what you post. Social media provides us with a way to share our personal stories with the world. When posting, consider not only how you intend your information to be used but also how it may be misinterpreted or misused by someone who means you harm. At the end of the day, oversharing is not caring.
  3. Update the settings on your devices, apps, and profiles. Take steps to familiarize yourself with the technology you use and all of its features. If you don’t need a particular feature, like persistent location tracking on your fitness watch, update your settings to suit your preferences.
  4. Don’t forget to “unplug.” Everyone needs a break sometimes. Manage the time you spend on technology and spend some time going tech-free.
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