Right to Privacy – A time to define anew?

Authored by Jenn Behrens, Partner and Executive Vice President of Privacy The conflict between individual privacy and the explosion of the media’s invasion into personal lives was emphasized over the last several months again through several incidents involving celebrities. First, the public witnessed the release of an athlete’s personal medical records on Twitter and national television earlier this summer. Adam Schefter, a reporter for ESPN, tweeted an image of NFL player Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records in July of 2015. The…

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KUMA Attends the ONC/NIST Workshop on the Use of Blockchain in Healthcare and Research

Authored by Jenn Behrens, Partner and Executive Vice President of Privacy and Scott Shorter, Vice President of Security. We were excited to be on-site supporting and attending the Use of Blockchain in Healthcare and Research Workshop  , hosted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) on September 26th and 27th this week.  Practitioners, government agencies and academics were all in attendance to discuss implications of blockchain as infrastructure…

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We are excited to let you know about the next stage of our company! As you know, Kimble & Associates started a little over 2 years ago with the goal of improving the security and privacy of organizations and solutions across the world. We have evolved and expanded, and we have officially changed our organization’s name from Kimble and Associates to KUMA. This change is a reflection of our company growth and strength in the privacy and security spaces, as…

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Advancing the Identity Conversation at GIS

Authored by Jenn Behrens, Partner and Executive Vice President of Privacy. Kimble & Associates was proud to participate in last week’s AFCEA GIS conference. We were able to attend some great sessions, and happy to present as well. Jenn represented the privacy perspective of identity management in collaborations with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The panel participants Jenn Behrens, Brian Kuwahara, Brent Kynaston, and Scott Swann represented several stakeholders engaged through various projects and work efforts with…

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IAPP Privacy.Security.Risk 2016 Conference – What a show!

Authored by Jenn Behrens, Partner and Executive Vice President of Privacy. The IAPP 2016 Privacy.Security.Risk (PSR) Conference in San Jose, California did not let us down. The IAPP Privacy Academy and CSA Congress came together to present this great forum for professionals in both the privacy and security arenas to collect, share, and learn from one another through a series of workshops, presentations and panel discussions. The PSR focuses on the interplay of privacy and security with risk, which reflects…

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NIST Privacy Controls Workshop – Recap

Authored by Jenn Behrens, Partner and Executive Vice President of Privacy and Scott Shorter, Vice President of Security We attended the NIST Privacy Controls Workshop held at the Department of Transportation on September 8, 2016, which was largely focused on NIST Special Publication 800-53 (Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organization). NIST SP 800-53 was designed to provide policy guidance for federal agencies to manage security and privacy controls in organizational operations and systems. The majority of…

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Kimble at UN

Identity for All – Public-Private Partnerships

Image details:  Ray Kimble, President, Kimble & Associates, speaking at the ID2020 Summit, held at the United Nations Headquarters, May 20, 2016 An estimated population of 1.8 billion people globally are without legal identity, restricting them from access to legal, political and social economic services. This staggering number amounts to one-fifth of the world’s population. The most vulnerable of the undocumented group are children who fall into financial or criminal hardship and worse, often fall prey to child abuse such…

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blockchain generic

Getting Privacy Right in Blockchain

  Authored by Jenn Behrens, Partner, EVP Privacy There is growing intrigue around the applicability of blockchain solutions across markets and segments. Blockchain solutions are designed to inherently emphasize trust while increasing efficiency in the cryptographic hashing of information throughout a distributed Merkel tree model. One of the goals of blockchain solutions is to enable users to develop an immutable identity transaction history including confidential verified identity information that could be used for identity transactions. Resultantly, the blockchain would act…

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Welcome Digital Authentication Guideline!

Posted by Scott Shorter, Vice President, Security We are excited to review the updated public draft of NIST 800-63, now titled the Digital Authentication Guideline (DAG).  This document was previously called the Electronic Authentication Guideline; Revision 2 of that document (NIST 800-63-2) is the current guideline from the NIST to the Federal Government. The intent of the document is to define requirements for establishing trust in online transactions between the government and other entities.  The prior revisions to the document have…

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