GDPR: “Keep Calm and Spend Wisely”

Kuma is pleased to report holding the well-attended webinar “GDPR: Keep Calm & Spend Wisely,” yesterday, October 11th. Jenn Behrens and Lauren Reid provided a practical context to understanding the foundation and goal of GDPR, and three tactical steps to take in preparing for compliance ahead of the May 2018 implementation date. This first in the series of webinars, focusing on GDRP, provided a common sense approach to preparing for GDPR so that organizations do not lose the proverbial forest (the privacy forest) for the trees. The slides can be accessed by contacting and you can access the audio to the presentation at the top of this blog. Please join us for the next webinar in the series: GDPR: Debunking Myths and Deflating Misconceptions. Register here



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