Kuma’s Privacy and Security Quick Technology Tips for the Holidays

Hi Friends! The Holidays are here, and technology is a top priority on many wish-lists across the globe. With technology, comes great responsibility for parents and their children, in understanding the impact these devices can have on their day-to-day lives. As busy as life has become, we often fall subject to the complacent nature of the convenience new technology introduces into our lives. However, with that convenience comes a great level of data sharing and implicated privacy risk that must be examined in the simplest forms.

A recent Slate article, “How to Teach Your Kids About Digital Privacy and Security” notes “earlier this year, the FBI warned parents about the privacy and security risks of Internet-connected toys.” A warning as such should not be taken lightly! This news appears intimidating and may make parents question what technology is safe for children. However, it is just as important to understand how to use and connect devices in a safe, secure and private manner as it is to enjoy the benefits that the technology brings to homes.

Following the days after the holidays and into the New Year, such devices will be used more than you can imagine. Kuma wants to help you prepare your family in the New Year for a more secure and private technology-savvy household:

– Research and Read devices capabilities – how do the devices work?
– Read privacy policies related to these devices, specifically pertaining to COPPA – how is this company or application utilizing my child’s data?
– Be cognizant of the connectivity of these devices to the internet and what parameters companies have around these devices.
– Teach your kids the importance of strong passwords, and to not share them.
– Educate yourselves and your children on how data is shared.

By no stretch of the imagination is this an attempt to provide a structured lesson on security and privacy tactics. However, Kuma does want to use this season as an opportunity to help parents and children understand their devices together and to recognize how their lives can potentially be impacted by some simple decisions they make. Remember to conduct your due diligence to ensure your children are practicing safe habits in a technology-driven world!

From the Kuma Team, we wish you Happy Holidays and safe and fun technology experience!

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