Smart Strategies for Getting Identity Right

In recent months, we looked at how identity proofing is changing and why current and very popular strategies are putting organizations at a greater risk for breach and increasing the odds their customer’s personal and identifiable data will be stolen and misused. We also talked about synthetic-identity fraud and the added challenges it presents.

In our final article about this topic, we look at smart strategies from three innovative organizations – GSMA, Early Warning Services, and Capital One – who are raising the security and privacy bar to enable organizations to leverage identity as the business enabler it truly is. All of these initiatives can dramatically change the identity landscape and should be applauded for their innovation.

Secure log-in using what you already have and globally applied

Why purchase additional technology or add additional ways to prove your identity, when you have everything you need in your pocket – your mobile phone. Imagine having one simple, safe, log-in without the need for a username or password, where you could authorize requests directly from your mobile phone, and trust that when you share data, it’s secure and fraud-resistant. That’s exactly what GSMA is doing with their Mobile Connect Solution. GSMA has worked with telecommunication providers and the mobile industry to eliminate multiple log-in details and lengthy registration processes, while easilyand securely verifying identity through your phone number. Mobile Connect lends itself to multiple application areas including authentication, authorization, and identity. Learn more.

Using Innovation and Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience and Strengthen Identity

By leveraging current, accurate, and detailed data from financial institutions and mobile network operators, along with a platform that enables the management of multiple authentication methods through a common core API, Early Warning Services is offering the ability to open more accounts through valid identity credentials, insight for fraud potential, and predictive scoring for the likelihood of default. This approach allows organizations to accelerate customer onboarding while reducing losses. Learn more about their strategic approach to identity.

Expand the trusted relationship you already have with your financial institution to secure your identity and engage in more services online.

You already have a long-standing and trusted relationship with your bank. You also engage in online services and payments through your bank. By leveraging its customer base, a trusted brand,and innovative ideas behind identity and customer services, Capital One’s identity services are making customer’s lives simpler as more transactions move onlinRead more about Capital One’s identity movement here.

Kuma knows identity management, having first developed identity strategies in the government sector and the White House, transitioning their expertise and go-to-market strategies to the commercial space. They have led the industry in the development of digital identity requirement for privacy, security, interoperability and usability, and have been at the forefront of several innovative cybersecurity digital identity initiatives.  Kuma is proud to have worked with these organizations and many others to help them develop their identity products and focus on how these identity services make an impact on the everyday consumer.

Let us know how we can help you rethink your identity strategies and use identity to enable your future business growth.

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