Data Privacy Day

Happy Data Privacy Day!  We decided to dedicate one of our early blogs to Data Privacy Day ( to highlight how important Privacy is within our company and for the services we provide.  Here are some notables that underscore how valuable Privacy is to us:

  • We encourage organizations to focus on how to enable user control of data and new ways to interact with customers that put privacy at the forefront of the user experience. It’s time to stop thinking of privacy as a hindrance or compliance exercise and more about how Privacy, just like identity, should be thought of as a value-add!
  • On this important, day, we are also very excited to announce that Jenn Behrens (/jenn-behrens/) has joined our organization to lead our Privacy services offering. Jenn is a nationally recognized thought leader in the privacy field and specializes in privacy, governance, and identity management. Jenn also serves as IDESG Privacy Committee Chair, an IAPP Women Leading Privacy Advisory Board Member, and a HIMSS Patient Identity Integrity Workgroup Member.
  • Finally, we want to announce an exciting, and extremely important, new project that we are kicking off to work with Santa Clara County, California to establish a best of breed county-wide privacy program!
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