Kuma Announces Non-Profit – the Kuma Foundation

Kuma is overjoyed to announce the much-anticipated launch of the Kuma Foundation. The non-profit organization was founded with the mission of demonstrating the positive social impact of security, privacy, and identity in technology. In pursuing its mission, the Kuma Foundation aims to increase the awareness of technology and its uses, foster healthy technology habits, drive the adoption of privacy and security standards, and support causes that are important in our communities.

The Kuma Foundation’s goal is to bring the world together by bridging the digital divide. With its inception, our Foundation’s vision is a global community where technology is utilized as a catalyst to connect people from all levels of society by empowering and emancipating them through education, opportunity, and charitable acts to improve quality of life.

Community Focus

As its first outreach event, the Kuma Foundation was invited to speak at The Center for Advanced Technical Studies in Chaplin, South Carolina. Kuma employees spoke with high school juniors and seniors, who are actively engaged in technological education, about the many different pathways to success in the industry and various impacts one can have. These discussions focused on trending topics in privacy, security, and identity as well as our own (sometimes nontraditional) paths into the industry.

Stay Up to Date on the Kuma Foundation

To learn more, visit the Kuma Foundation page or contact us for partnership/event opportunities. We will also be sharing highlights from our events on our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

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