Kuma Launches Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Program

The numbers don’t lie. On average, a ransomware attack costs a company $5 million. It takes organizations an average of 191 days to identify data breaches. Security breaches continue to lead business headlines, yet only 25% of companies have a stand-alone security department.

Attacks will continue to cost millions and attackers will find new ways to get into sensitive systems. If you don’t have a plan to protect your systems, you’re a vulnerable, easy target. It’s not a matter of if you’ll experience a breach, it’s a matter of when.

Don’t Wait to Act Until Data Gets into the Wrong Hands

Hoping a cyber-attack won’t happen isn’t practicing responsible security.

So how do you move from a position of weakness to have a strong security foundation? Working with a trusted partner to guide you through how to implement a vulnerability and threat intelligence program is one sure shot way to raise the bar for security.

Kuma works with organizations across the globe to address the inherent security vulnerabilities across their organizations and products while helping organizations strategize and handle incidents. This is accomplished by offering a service that guides an organization through the different phases of vulnerability and threat management – Strategy, Implementation, Operational, Respond, and Enhance.

Kuma’s Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence Program examines security weaknesses that leave an organization’s information systems vulnerable to external and insider attacks. These attacks can range from basic malware infestations to sophisticated DDoS attacks that can leave the entire infrastructure unresponsive and paralyzed for days.

With the uptick of activity in the incident management and breach response regulatory landscape, it is only natural that this space will be closely watched by the regulators and customers alike. Kuma has assisted several clients in critical sectors including government, healthcare, and financial services with the development of strategy, policy, procedures, and operational guidelines.

Our lineup of experienced professionals includes legal experts skilled at delivering incident management strategies for government agencies, as well as leaders experienced with guiding organizations through various incident scenarios – suspected and actual.

The next step is to contact us. We are here to listen and provide expert guidance to the solution that is best for you.

The Kuma Difference

Kuma provides collective intelligence, decades of experience, subject matter expertise and strategic business know-how in transforming security practices at organizations. This manifests in the delivery of next-generation vulnerability and threat intelligence services that not only address the complexities around technology, regulatory environment, and business but also deliver actionable insights to an organization, to propel it further and deliver operational excellence.

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