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Kuma will be presenting at the 2017 Conference for the International Association for Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM) to address the growing importance of workforce privacy across the industry.  “Intersection of Workforce and Organizational Privacy in Today’s Global Workplace” will focus on the paradoxical position companies find themselves in with the collection of immense amounts of employee data coupled with the reliance on an increasingly virtual workforce utilizing mobile technology and social media.

In recent years, there has been a significant advancement in the ability for organizations to deploy human resource (HR) and workforce applications while empowering employees and business partners through new delivery models. Organizations are moving more services online and enabling employees in an increasing “self-service” approach. Similarly, organizations are out-sourcing or leveraging business partners more and more to improve their service offerings to their employees and moving applications to the cloud. These types of models and services impact everyone – the board room, employees, business partners, even employees’ personal homes. People are both demanding that services move online and are becoming increasingly aware of how their personal information is being handled as numerous data breaches have occurred across multiple industries and both the public and private sectors.

While moving new services online and facilitating new delivery models of HR services is critical to an organization’s success, the importance of a strong security and privacy framework is simultaneously heightened. The absence of robust privacy and security frameworks (that address data collection, handling and disposal procedures) increases the odds of internally-based incidents which, in turn, increases the liability of the organization upon incident realization. Compliance expectations are being driven higher, while accountability for policies and practices is getting more severe and commonplace.

Jennifer Behrens, Partner and EVP of Privacy for Kuma, with Amanda Bell Smith of Fidelity Investments, will present on the growth of employee data held by companies, applicable laws and regulations impacting the ability to collect and use information, organizational benefits and risks of employee use of remote technology and social media, and guidelines for developing a governance program to manage privacy within the contemporary business demands for usage of social media and remote technology.

We will review the types of data employers hold about their workforce members, discuss the changing landscape of technology in the workplace, review the role HR plays in organizational and employee privacy, and provide some practical guardrails organizations can provide to their employees to enhance and protect the privacy of the company as well as the employees.

Thanks for catching up with us. Stay tuned for future updates!

-KUMA Team

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