When Life Hands You Lemons…. Make Lemonade!

COVID-19 means unexpected time at home and a disruption to normal daily activities for many…. but presents a great opportunity to learn and prepare.

Kuma is pleased to offer 3 core services that are suited for the remote/virtual nature of this unprecedented point in time including:

1. Digital Identity Bootcamps – Life after COVID-19 will be digital so let’s make sure your organization is ready with the basic knowledge needed to engage the challenge head on.  Whether you are in government services, healthcare, banking, online retail, insurance services and so on… you are being pulled into the digital identity ecosystem. Our Bootcamp arms members of your organization with the essential core understanding of the players, terminology, roles, economics, trends and direction of the digital identity space. Bootcamps are a great way to set a baseline of understand and to learn where your organization needs more focused learning

2. FICAM/Kantara Assessment – Considering plans to offer users digital access to federal services?  FICAM (Federal Identity Control and Access Management) assessment is a great investment of time and resources.  FICAM/Kantara assessment is also valuable to organizations that want to create interoperability-oriented partnerships in which the customers of one organization are enabled to engage with another.  As one of a small number of assessors, Kuma has the experience to efficiently usher your organization through the process by leveraging years of experience.

3. Digital Identity Services Go-to-Market Preparation – Nearly all public and private sector organizations are now accelerating plans to plug themselves into the growing digital identity ecosystem.  That may mean allowing physicians with digital credentials for a specific health system to access services through a partner system…. Or, your organizations is excited to monetize the consumer base that it has created trusted digital relationships with as a new source of revenue…. Or, maybe you are trying to figure out how to navigate the emerging mobile driver license movement across the nation.  Whatever the case, Kuma has the first-hand experience and reputation to help you build a winning plan.

Let’s talk today – Contact Kuma or contact Mark DiFraia, EVP/Partner at Kuma to learn more.

Stay safe everyone.

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